Difference between Bridge and Flyover?

Share13.0KTweet+1PinShare13.0K Shares Hello friends, in this article today i will discuss the difference between bridge and flyover, that what the main difference between them, lets get start. The difference between Bridge and Flyover is based on the purpose of its usage and the location where it is built. Bridges Bridges are built to connect two […]

Reinforced Concrete Beam Design

Share1.0KTweet+1PinShare1.0K Shares Reinforced concrete (RC), a kind of composite material, in which steel is inserted in such a manner that the whole material offers higher tensile strength or ductility. The reinforcement is usually done using steel reinforcing bars.Plain concrete does not easily withstand tensile and shear stresses caused by wind, earthquakes, vibrations, and other forces […]

Why Soil stabilization is Required? Soil Stabilization method| Important |

Share624Tweet+1PinShare624 Shares Soil stabilization is the process which is used to improve the engineering properties of the soil and thus making it more stable. Soil stabilization is required when the soil available for construction is not suitable for the intended purpose. It includes compaction, preconsolidation, drainage and many other such processes. Uses of Soil Stabilization It […]

Auto CAD Shortcuts key for Common command A-Z

Share1.7KTweet+1Pin4Share1.7K Shares Here in this article you can learn all the shortcut keys for Autocad by which you can complete and design your architecture work easily. lets get start. Below, you’ll find the AutoCAD one-key shortcuts.  SHORTCUT COMMAND COMMENT A ARC Draw an arc AL ALIGN Align an object with another AP APPLOAD Opens application […]

How to derive formula for superelevation of road bending

Share345Tweet+1PinShare345 Shares By going through the following construction video, you can learn the tips for obtaining formula toward full super elevation of highway or road. This video is very useful for land surveying. Full super-elevation stands for the amount with which the external edge of a curve located at a road or railway is grounded […]

Bridge Structural Components & their classification

Share551Tweet+1PinShare551 Shares A bridge refers to a structure that is developed to extent over physical obstacles as well as provide passage for the road, railway, pedestrians, a canal or a pipeline. The obstacles to be spanned may belong to a river, a road, railway or a valley. Designs of bridges are based on the function […]

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