Use of Stirrups in beam and column and its purpose

Share221Tweet+1PinShare221 Shares Hello friends, in this video lecture today i will discuss you that why stirrups are used in beam and column construction and also purpose of stirrups, lets get start. Why stirrups are Use in Beam and Column Stirrups are use to provide to hold the main reinforcement rebars together in an RCC structure. […]

10 Points should be remember every Civil Engineer on Site

Share219Tweet+1PinShare219 Shares Hello Friends, In this article today I will discuss you 10 Points should be remember every Civil Engineer on Site, and these points are too much important on site specially for reinforcement . so lets get start. 10 Points should be remember Civil Engineer on Site: 1: Check size of bars for slab beam […]

Safe Dimension Design of Staircase

Share266Tweet+1PinShare266 Shares Hello friends, In this article today I will teach you some standard dimension for different components in staircase so lets get start. Safe Dimension of staircase: also read: Basic rule for Design of column 1: The Landing should be presents in every 12 ft at least. 2: Width of stairs should be 3.5ft which […]

Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer

Share1.0KTweet+1PinShare1.0K Shares  Points to Remember for Civil Site Engineer Few general points for the civil engineer to remember to make the construction work easy and hence maintaining the quality of the work, done on the site: 36mm is the maximum diameter of the bars used for lapping. Bars having more than this diameter are not […]

RCC Culverts Construction for Swat Motorway

Share169Tweet+1PinShare169 Shares Hello friends, In have gone to Swat motorway for visit with my Engineers friends, there I saw many rcc culverts because there are more streams which can make problems for motorway, there were more than 8 culvert and 6 bridges just in 3 km distance, after 3km there is Tunnel in Swat motorway […]

Design of beam

Share734Tweet+1PinShare734 Shares Hello Friends, In this article I did design personally for a small house which wall load was 8KN/m so this is my personal design and you can also use this design up to 8KN per running meter. lets get start. In a beam of up to 5 meters length, secondary spans of up […]

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