Causes of Cracks in RCC Slabs

Share4.8KTweet+1PinShare4.8K Shares Hello friends, In this video lecture today I will teach you the 12 main causes of cracks in rcc slab, lets get start. Causes of cracks in rcc slab: 1: Improper mixing of concrete mix 2: When we do less curing of concrete. 3: Insufficient concrete cover for reinforcement. 4: More spacing of […]

How to reduce segregation in Concrete?

Share2.4KTweet+1PinShare2.4K Shares Hello Friends, In this article today I we will discuss how to reduce segregation in concrete? so after reading this article you will be able to know how to control segregation in concrete, Lets get start. What is Segregation in Concrete? Segregation is the separation of particle which are present in the concrete, […]

Types of Culvert and its advantages?

Share9.0KTweet+1PinShare9.0K Shares Hi friends, In this article I will discuss what is culvert , types of Culvert and its advantages, so lets get start. what is Culvert? Culvert are used  primly to allow of water across physical obstacle. And a culvert may act as a bridge for traffic to pass on it. The culvert span is […]

Difference between Pier and Abutment?

ShareTweet+1PinShare0 Shares Hello friends article today I will discuss you the main difference between Pier and Abutment, many student they are confuse so lets get start, what is Pier? A pier is a raised structure in a body of water, typically supported by well-spaced piles or pillars. Bridges, buildings, and walkways may all be supported by piers.  […]

Design of RCC beam

Share1.7KTweet+1PinShare1.7K Shares Hello friend, In this video lecture you can follow the given tips for design of rcc beam in detail. Note:  If the beam is up to 5 meter length and load is 7KN per running meter then u can design your beam same like given beam. Use 2 Nos of bars at the […]

Useful tips to Design a Staircase

Share380Tweet+1PinShare380 Shares Hello Friends, In this video lecture you are able to learn some useful tips to design a staircase. Tips to design a beam: Here in this video you can learn about the given points. 1: angle of staircase 2: height of handrail 3: Height of riser 4: width of tread 5: Breadth of […]

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