construction cost reduction techniques

Hello Friends during this article i’ll discuss construction value reduction techniques that is simply too abundant vital to be told each civil engineers. thus once reading this text you’ll be able to grasp some new plan for reducing the building construction value. Let’s get begin.

Some vital Techniques to cut back the building construction value.
1: Use smart and native materials that area unit out there close to together with your project.

2: Decrease the world of column footing.

3: Use the only brick masonry enclose partition walls.

4: work by native labors and masons.

5: Use steel frames the place of wood for Door and window in building .

6: Increase the spacing between main bar and distribution bars in block.

7: Use traditional magnitude relation of concrete and obtain smart strength.

8: do not use further issue within the building construction .

9: Use shallow foundation traditional building construction.

10: Use picket formwork the place of laminate or steel formwork.

11: do not create a lot of enhance you building.

12: In white laundry of building do not use dear color and painting.

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Written BY: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai



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