civil engineering basic knowledge

Friends , during this video lecture nowadays i’ll teach you the some basic information for civil engineers that is just too a lot of vital, Lets get begin.

Basic information for Civil Engineers :

1: Concrete fall should be no more than one.5 meter

2: Use four No’s of steel bar in rectangular column and half-dozen No’s of bars in circular column.’

3: first class brick ought to be not absorb water over 15 August 1945 his weight.

4: weigh of steel formula = D2/ 162 wherever D is diameter of steel in metric linear unit.

5: Column Hook’s length ought to be 9D wherever D is Diameter of stirrups steel.

6: Building height mustn’t be but three15 cm = 3.15 meter

7: Splice length ought to be not use larger than thirty six metric linear unit military intelligence of steel.


Cement = 210 Kg/ cum
20 metric linear unit Jelly = 708 Kg/cum
12.5 metric linear unit Jelly = 472 Kg/cum
River sand = 823 Kg/ cum
weight of water = 185 Kg/ cum
Concrete density 2398 Kg/cum

For more detail watch the given video of my channel :


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Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai


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