How to calculate quantity of cement, sand and aggregate in a concrete slab?

In this article I will discuss bout that how to calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregate in concrete slab. the same method you can apply to find out Concrete quantity in beam slab column and RCC road etc. after reading this article you will be able to find out the quantity for the above objects easily. So the given data for concrete slab to find out quantity of concrete

Solution :

Length of slab = l = 14 feet

Breadth of slab = b = 14 feet

Thickness of slab = 6 inch = o.5 ft

Now volume of slab = l x b x thickness = 24 x 14 x .05  = 98 cft      (this is wet volume of slab)

Converted to dry volume = Vd = wet volume x 1.54  = 98 x 1.54 = 150.92 cft

Select the Concrete ratio :  1 : 2 : 4    this is M15 grade of concrete

Sum of ratio = 1+2+4 = 7

Volume of Cement = 1/7 x dry volume  ,    Here  1 is cement and 7 is sum of ratio

Volume of Cement = 1 / 7 x 150.92  = 21.56 cft

Converted to cement bags = Volume of cement / volume of one cement bag = 21.56 / 1.25 = 17.24    say 18  No’s of bags.

Volume of Sand  = 2 / 7 x dry volume  ,      Here  2 is cement and 7 is sum of ratio

Volume of sand   = 2 / 7 x 150.92  =   43.12 cft

Volume of Aggregate  = 4 / 7 x dry volume ,     Here  4 is cement and 7 is sum of ratio

Volume of Aggregate = 4 / 7 x 150.92  = 86.24 cft

Unit price per item

  1. Cement bag = Rs: 550
  2. Sand per cft = Rs: 20
  3. Aggregate per cft = Rs: 28

Cost of materials

Amount of Cement  = No’s of cement bag x Cement per bag price

18 x 550 = Rs /= 9900

Amount of Sand = total volume  x Unite rate of sand  = 43.12 x 20 = Rs /= 862

Amount of Aggregate = total volume of aggregate x unit rate of aggregate = 86.24 x 28 =  Rs /= 2369


Total Cost for construction of slab = 9900 + 862 + 2369 = Rs /=  13131

The above image i have screen shot from my channel video . and I already made a video  lecture That How to calculate quantity of cement , sand and aggregate in slab .

Note: When we construct the concrete slab so that time we can used two procedure to find out the quantity of materials in slab . one we can simple find out the volume of slab and easily can find the different quantity of materials like cement, sand and aggregate. but in send way some time we fill the beam from concrete (Top beams) so that time on the spot we can construct the beam and slab on each time. so for that first we have to find out the volume of total beam and than we add the volume of beam with slab and that time both volume ( column and slab ) volume will be the total concrete volume for the slab. And after that we have to find out the materials quantity in the slab.

But if we used the large amount of steel than we should be subtract the steel volume from the total volume of slab. because the steel can also cover the volume in the slab. therefore  it should be deduct for the total volume of the slab. than it will be give us the actual  quantity of slab.

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