Bearing Capacity of different types of soil

In this article today we will discuss about that what is bearing capacity and different types of soil beaming capacity in Kg/m2. this topic is too much important for civil engineers. so after reading this article we will be able to know that what is bearing capacity and their strength in kg/m2. Let’s get start.

what is Bearing Capacity of Soil?

In civil engineering bearing capacity of soil can be define as capacity of soil which support the  applied load safely to the ground. those load or pressure which are coming on the soil so bearing capacity of soil can easily support. remember that bearing capacity of the soil is depend on the different types of soil base. therefore different soil has different bearing capacity . so therefore when we start any mega project first we have to know the bearing capacity of that soil that how much is the strength of this soil in kg/m2 or N/mm2 etc. than we can design our project structure like foundation, beam and column footing design.

Different Types of Soil Bearing Capacity in Kg/m2

Different types of soil and their Bearing capacity in kg/m2

1: Sand Clay Mixture  = 15000 kg/m2

2: Black Cotton Soil    = 15000 kg/m2

3: Soft Clay                   =  10000 kg/m2

4: Loose Gravel            =  25000 kg/m2

5: Muddy Clay              = 5000 kg/m2

6: Soft Clay                     = 10000 kg/m2

7: Soft Rock                     =  45000 kg/m2

8: Hard Rock same like Granite = 330,000 kg/m2

9: Lime Stone                   = 165,000 kg/m2

10: Compact Sand            = 45,000 kg/m2

Note: The above list is the maximum bearing capacity of soil.

Bearing capacity soil is depend on the different soil, when the soil condition is change so the bearing capacity must be change from the other types of soil. Because we have different types of soil so there for the soil bearing capacity should be change from each other, that is why we have to test the different types of soil for different design works. But when we design any structure so first of all we have to check the bearing capacity of soil by which we are design our project .


When the bearing capacity of soil is low and the upcoming load is high than the structure can not able to stable the Building  on that place . so there for before the design of any structure we should test the bearing capacity of soil, than we have to start our work.

For the Different types of soil we can select the different types of foundation, because the foundation design is also depend on the bearing capacity of soil. So there for the bearing capacity of soil should be check on the time.

For Example when the bearing capacity of soil is too much bad and we have to design the Market so we must be design the “Raft Foundation” on that soil than Our structure can be safe from failure.

How to improve bearing capacity of soil

Increasing depth of foundation


Bearing capacity soil can be also increase when we provide the high depth of foundation . than bearing capacity of soil can improve with increasing depth of foundation.

Compaction of soil

when we compact the soil so it reduce the spacing between the particle of soil so with this method we can improve the bearing capacity of soil and its very easy method and also its not expensive.

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