What is beam? and different types of beam

In this article today we will discuss about what is beam and their main types. After reading this article we will be able to know what is beam and what are the main types of beam.

What is beam?

Beam is a horizontal structure member which used to carry the vertical load. without the beam the building structure is not able to carry the load. therefore we use the beam in building strictures, beam is also carry the shear load and some time horizontal load. Beam is the main and important part of the building structures. and used for the construction of building, bridge . trusses and many other structures which carry the vertical load than we design the beam for that to support applied load.

Types of beam

  1. Simple supported beam
  2. Fixed beam
  3. I- Beam
  4. T- Beam
  5. Continuous beam
  6. cantilever beam
  7. Over hanging beam

Simply supported  beam

simply supported beam we can simply define that a beam which is supported or resting
on the supports at its both the end. one end of the beam is supported by hinge and the one is roller support.and this beam is used for the shear stress and bending moment and this beam is better to resist the heavy loads.

Fixed Beam

Fixed beam is a beam which is fixed from both ends.  (OR) A beam which has both of its ends fixed or built
in walls is called fixed beam.

But remember this beam is not allowed for the vertical movement and also for rotation of the beam. and this beam is only used for under share stress. this types of beams are used in the construction of trusses etc.

I – Beam

This type of beam (I-Beam) his the high resistance of  bending. and its section is same like I therefore this called I-Beam.

T – Beam

T – Beam is also the Same shape like T.

Continuous Beam

A which has more than 2 supports is called continuous beam.

Cantilever beams

A beam which is one end is fixed and other one is free so this type of beam is called cantilever beam. this types of beam are used in the construction of bridge and trusses. this types of beam carry the load over the span which is more powerful in share stress and bending moment.

Overhanging beam

Over hanging beam is the combination of simply and cantilever beam.Overhanging beam is the one in which a part of the beam extends beyond the support and over-hangs from a pinned support.  this beam one or both of end overhang of this beam.

Note: In this article I have just define the simple definition for types of beam and their used in building construction works. In this definition I have taken from my own field experience , which are very important for all civil engineers but its  basic for the structure engineers. Remember these beams theory are using in Mechanics of structure subject by which you can do your structure design and you can find out the different calculation load for the different beams. Therefore for each beam we have the different formulas to find out the Shear stress and bending moment etc. So its too much important topic

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