What is the Difference between Bridge and Culvert?

In this article today I will discuss about the different b/w Bridge and culvert many students they have confusion about this Topic so after reading this article you will be able to know different b/w bridge and culvert

Bridge : 

In civil engineering bridge is the formed to provide the passage to people and vehicles over the large water or obstacle.

  • Bridge span length is 6 or more than 6 meters
  • Bridge is design for the height of 20ft more than 20ft.

We have more three types of bridge by size

Minor Bridge , Major Bridge and Long span Bridge

Minor Bridge span is from 6 meter to 60 meters.

Major Bridge span is greater  than 60 meters.

Long span bridge span is more than 120 meters.

Culvert :

In civil engineering culvert are used  primly to allow of water across physical obstacle.

  • The culvert span is less than 6 meters
  • Culvert is design for the height of less than 20ft

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