How to Calculate Quantity of Tiles? for a Room with Cement & Sand

In this article today I will discuss about that how to calculate Number of Tile for one room with mortar ( Cement and sand) after reading this article you will be able to full estimation of Tile flooring with mortar. We will find here the quantity of tiles in the area of 8 meter and 5 meters but for fixing of tiles we used the cement mortar and we have to also find the mortar volume and quantity of cement and cement volume.

Numbers of Tiles for One Room

Size of room

Length of Room = L = 8 meter

Breadth of Room = B = 5 meter

Size of Tile

Length of Tile  = L = 30cm  = 0.3 meter

Breadth of Tile = B = 30cm  = 0.3 meter

Thickness of flooring

Thickness of floor = 25 mm

Total Area of Room

Length of room x breadth of room = 8 x 5 = 40 m2

Now we will Select proportion of Mortar ( 1:4 ) where 1 is Cement and 4 is Sand.

Sum of Ratio = 1 + 4 = 5

That is, 6 meters x 10 meters = 60 m2

Now we have to find out the volume of mortar for Tile fixing

Volume of mortar =  V = Total Area of Room x thickness of mortar

Volume  = 40 x 50/100 =  2 m3                 (This volume of mortar is Wet volume )   

Now Convert Wet volume to Dry Volume = Wet volume x 25 % of wet volume

Dry volume = 2 x 1.25 = 2.25 m3

Now we have to find out Volume of Cement and Sand from Mortar 

Volume of Cement Required = Proportion of Cement / Sum of Proportion of mortar  x Dry volume of mortar

Volume of Cement = 1 / 5 x 2.25 = 0.45 m3

Convert to Cement bags = Volume of Cement / Volume of cement bag

Nos of Cement bags = 0.45 / 0.035 = 12.85 say 13 No’s of Cement bags.

Volume of Sand = Proportion of Sand / Sum of Proportion of mortar  x Dry volume of mortar

Volume of Sand = 4 / 5 x 2.25 = 1.8 m3

Now No’s of Tiles Required for One Room floor.


Total Area of floor / Size of One Tile

40 / 0.3×0.3 = 445 No’s of Tile


Size of Tiles in Centimeters 

20 x 20

30 x 30

45 x 45

10 x 60

10 x 10

225 x 45

60 x 120

Here in above dimension of tiles you can get in the market and all these size are available   in the market and to find out hte quantity of tiles we use the same formulas for any size of tiles.

We used  different types of tiles for different area which are given:

1: Ceramic Tiles

This type of tile we used in the bathroom and its color is good and have nice texture.


2: Stone Tile

Stone tile is one of the most beautiful and expansive stone, and this tile is too much strong and we used this tile in the bathroom. Because this waterproof tile.

3: Limestone Tiles

this kind of tiles are very strong and solid surface. and this kind of tile is too much good for flooring materials. this tile give us the clean and comfortable feel. we can also used this tile in the bathrooms.

4: Metal Tile

this kind of tile is most commonly used for bathroom walls. and we cannot use this tile in the flooring, because it is not attractive in the flooring.

5: Crock floor tiles

This types of tiles are good tiles and it brings the attractive color and soft. this tiles are cleaning better and comfortable. and we use it in the flooring and also its good to use in the kitchen.

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